The conference site is easily accessible by car. Organizers will provide transport from Opava to the conference site and back.
Participants are kindly asked to inform the organizers whether they plan to get to the site by their own, or will use the transport provided by the organizers. In the latter case inform us when and how you will arrive in Opava.

It is possible to arrive in Opava by train or by bus.

Feel free to contact us with any questions concerning your travel to Opava.

Train and bus:
Train and bus connections can be found here.
By train go to Opava-Východ.
If you will inform us about your arrival, we can wait for you at the station and take you to the hotel by car.

It is possible to fly either to Prague, or to Ostrava, or to Vienna, or to Bratislava, or to Katowice. Then use train or bus.
The distances from the airports to Opava (approximately):
- Prague 310 km,
- Ostrava 40 km,
- Wien 320 km,
- Bratislava 250 km,
- Katowice 120 km.

In Prague there is a direct bus connection from Praha letiště/Airport to railway station Praha, hlavní nádraží (Main station). The buses are labeled with Airport Express or AE, operate daily at regular 30-minute intervals (or more frequently), tickets are purchased directly from the driver (the price is CZK 100), and the rides last approximately 50 minutes. More information here.

Ostrava Airport is connected with Ostrava City by train and by bus. Then use train or bus to Opava.
If needed we can wait for you at the airport and take you to the hotel by car.